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On the face of it, the tech and fashion industries have little in common. However, there is a huge amount that each can learn from the other. European Fashion Law: A practical guide from startup to global success was born of a desire to make fashion law in Europe as easily accessible and understood as it is Stateside. This site continues that tradition and opens up the discussion to all of you, dear readers.

Europe is the home to three out of four of the world’s major fashion weeks. Key global fashion movements begin in Paris, Milan and London and their influence is felt around the world. It is high time for a book which looks at European legal issues in more detail.

Who are you?

Rosie Burbidge is the author and editor of European Fashion Law and the driving force behind this site and its companion site

She's an intellectual property lawyer who has worked for (& against) many of the big European brand names. Her focus is on helping brands who encounter copyright, designs, trade mark and breach of confidence issues both in the UK & across Europe.

For anyone doing business in Europe, a lack of awareness of issues such as design protection, use of customer data and e-commerce can harm reputations and lead to expensive and distracting disputes.

The aim of the book is to get key information to the fashion front line, and ultimately make businesses simpler, easier to run and save lots of time and money.

Keep up with the latest fashion law issues via this website as well as Twitter @eurofashionlaw and Instagram @europeanfashionlaw

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