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Instructing a lawyer

Avoid legal costs spiralling with these handy hints

Lawyers help you grow your business. If you approach legal services in the right way, you can have a strong strategic alliance which grows with you. Here are some handy hints on how to instruct a lawyer:

  1. Don’t delay - burying your head in the sand leads to a more expensive legal bill. It may also mean that some legal options are lost forever.

  2. Get to know them - share your business vision and plans with your lawyer. It helps them give you the best strategic advice.

  3. Find the right payment model for you - most lawyers will offer hourly rate, fixed fee or retainer models. Each has pros and cons - generally, greater costs certainty means you pay a bit more.

  4. Be clear and concise - if you take up a lot of your lawyer's time by sending lots of individual emails with different information you will end up with a bigger bill.

  5. Read and comment on any draft documents - you are the expert on any factual information, your lawyer will not be able to articulate the full picture without your help.

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