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A mixture of media from Rosie all of which relate to Tech & associated legal issues.



Crafty Counsel Investigates

  • Satan Shoes - Rosie talks about how trade mark owners like Nike can stop resale of their products with new embellishments added (such as blood!)

Secrets from The Office

Some innovation involves complicated new technology... but sometimes it's simply a case of making better use of the old technology. Rosie teamed up with the team at Crafty Counsel to develop videos on how to make better use of Microsoft Office with these handy tricks and tips:


Using blockchain technology to manage IP rights
23 October 2018 in Lexis PSL

An introduction to blockchain technology and the ways in which it might be used to manage intellectual property rights.

See publication Using blockchain technology to manage IP rightsSee publication

The Blockchain is in Fashion
20 December 2017 in The Trademark Reporter

This commentary addresses how blockchain technology could be used in the fashion industry to help control the distribution chain, combat counterfeiting, track parallel imports and second-hand goods, provide real-time evidence of continued use of a mark, and maintain indisputable records of the timing and changes made during the design process.​

This commentary is published in November/December Vol 107 No.6 issue of the International Trademark Association’s Trademark Reporter®.

Can a domain name combined with third-party adverts generated by Google AdSense result in a successful trade mark infringement claim?
5 June 2017 in Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice

The High Court of England and Wales held that third-party advertisements which appeared on a defendant’s website could not support a claim for trade mark infringement whether alone or in combination with a legitimate domain name.

We share tech law insights and updates with a particular focus on gaming, wearables, ecommerce and other creative crossovers


Monocle Radio

Back in 2017, the art world was upset to discover that Anish Kapoor had acquired the rights to a material called Vantablack: a substance that absorbs almost all light and heat and thus creates an absence of colour (or "the blackest black"). It's a throwback to a different time and still makes interesting listening. Available on Monocle's website here


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